The principle of The 4 Elements® organic* “Premium” german beer, was born already the 23. April 1516, as the “Purity Law for Beer” came into power in Bavaria and lasted until today.  Duke Wilhelm IV decided that from then on nothing else than water, barley malt*, hops* and yeast can be used to make beer (no additives are added in its production)....and so we do too. 

We go even further and say: "and...only organic* controlled* ingredients and non genetic modified yeast can be used in our beer!


The four elements?

If we go back in history, we find the Greek philosopher Aristotle that found out that the whole creation is composed out of only four elements: Water, fire, earth and air


A brilliant simple idea!


We make parallels and find all those elements in our premium organic beer:

Our water comes from a deep natural source in Rhön, Germany, that belongs to our brewers. The fire is the energy of the sugar of our organic malt*. The earth, the spicy taste and flavour reach hops*, also from organic* grown. The air in The 4 Elements®, the basis for life, is produced through our original non genetically manipulated organic yeast* during the brewing process. 


Still something missing...

Well, the Greeks of that time were too materialists and forgot something very important in their conception: The being, the spirit...

We found in the eastern philosophies  the missing Element and indeed we Understand it after both philosophical streams. To perceive the masterly processed elements: Water, fire, earth and air of our The 4 Elements®, the incredible taste and body of this truly natural organic* beer we need the being, the spirit. 
This great organic* premium “lager style” beer is probably one of the best organic* beers in the world, but without you is all this only a nice story. 


Taste it and you will understand: 


The 5th element is you!

Once you've tried The 4 Elements® it will be very difficult to go back to normality...

The 4 Elements®

Organic Premium German Pilsner-


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*:Organic controlled through AGRECO-Witzenhausen-Germany  DE012 Öko-Kontrollstelle.

Controlled after the rules of the Council regulation of the European Union (EEC) N° 2092/91 of 24 June 1991 on organic production of agricultural products and foodstuffs.

It contents gluten.

The 4 Elements®

by dupetit®




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